Machine-vision-laser_94c8bb87edHigh-Power Laser ZQ

The ZQ family of laser source products combines high performance with outstanding beam properties. They come in two different versions currently. These generate a maximum output of 6W and wavelengths of 404-808nm (red, blue, infrared). The modules can be used for machine vision measurement via RS-232 or PLC. From medium to high power, the laser sources produce point projection or homogeneous lines.

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roter-Positionierlas_247d89a406Positioning lasers with Ø 20mm housing

The positioning lasers from Z-LASER are available with a housing diameter of 20mm and can be used in many areas. The ZM18 family has been a highly regarded product range for many years now. These products meet your requirement for positioning aids or image processing. These lasers are available in green, red and infra-red wavelengths.

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Laser-projector-LP-H_ea6f7f616c3D Laser projector LP-HFD

The LP-HFD is a laser projector with a red or a green laser beam that is optimized for projecting on 3D objects. A high repetition rate of 50Hz provides for a stable and precise projection. Additionally covering large working areas is ensured with a wide optical angle.

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