Camera Enclosures

autoVimation produces protective camera enclosures and an extensive range of accessories that allows to use MV-systems in virtually any environment. The enclosures are as variable as the applications: from the extremely compact Colibri to the Mammoth – from easy to integrate dovetail enclosures to to high grade stainless steel Feuersalamander in hygienic design – there is a solution for every application.

Thanks to autoVimation’s patented heat-guide / quick-lock camera mount the outer enclosure works like a heat-sink to the camera. Thus the camera system can be used at up to 20°C higher ambient temperatures. Water cooling systems and enclosures with peltier-climatisation are available in order to extend the temperature range further.

The „Machine-Vision Construction Kit“ matching all dovetail enclosures makes it easy to integrate cameras and lights and other components into a machine – using pre-fabricated parts, avoiding design time and allowing simpler adjustment to the application. This counts as well for for steadily increasing non- industrial applications.


Salamander IP67 enclosure